Sunday, 30 December 2012

Week 51: Dan

Hi, my name is Dan and I live & work in Leeds. I am originally from Bradford and after spending some time down south I moved back to the motherland around 3 years ago.

I currently live in Kirkstall just down the road from the Abbey and I work at a wonderful city centre bar named Friends of Ham. I love Leeds for all it's hidden little gems but (although I have seen a vast improvement in the city over the last year or so) I think that it still needs a lot of work. Thankfully there are a lot of good people doing a lot of good things so I think the future is looking pretty good!

Over the course of the week I hope to spend a little bit of time with these people to see what we can expect for 2013!

Sunday, 23 December 2012

Week 50: Georgiana

I am a nerd by day working with business and systems but a crafty Christmas nut by night. Addicted to mulled wine, spreadsheets and being merry. I was born in Brighton many years ago but I've now been living the dream in Leeds for over 10 years! I live in Morley in South Leeds now but have graces Hyde Park, Headingley and Burley in the past. I helped to start the Leeds City Centre Women's Institute over 3 years ago, @bunsroseswi and started @yarnia_leeds a year ago teaching knitting for free at @DockStMarket.

Sunday, 16 December 2012

Week 49: Woody

Hi, my name is Woody, I'm 27, Aquarius and I have deep blue eyes. Two of them.

You'll be impressed to know I have a job but let's not talk about that right now, hopefully we can enjoy a romantic meal and a bottle of wine before we 'get down to business' ;) LOL!!

I've been told I'm a good listener and if you take the time to get to know me you'll discover I'm above average when it comes to conversation and have a GOSH, LOLOL!!

I like movies and enjoy regular trips to the pictures. Sometimes I like to buy popcorn but not always. I prefer salted but if you wanted to join me on the back row I'd be happy to butter your kernels.

I like to think of myself as adventurous as I once got lost in Debenhams but found an exit without any help from the staff.

I listen to all genres of music. Even Gangsta Rap, because I'm pretty fly for a white guy. ROFL!!

It's always been my dream to go to Wrestlemania ever since I was a little boy. But now that I'm a big boy I'm looking for the perfect partner to capture the Tag Team championships... of... love.

This isn't a dating website, is it? ROLF HARRIS!!

Week 48: Alice

As my name suggests (alicebaileyLS8) I am Leeds born and bred and currently residing in said postcode. I spent my early years in Little London and Hyde Park before moving to LS16 and bar a brief hiatus in Reading (of all places) where I went to university, the rest of my time's been spent in LS7 and 8.

I’ve worked in radio for the past 12 years, in stations all over Yorkshire. I’m now a broadcast journalist by trade, where being objective is the name of the game is – whereas in my personal life I have often been accused of harbouring a portable soapbox!  But I guess I have always been interested in both sides of the story, so maybe that’s how I ended up here.

My other big passion is music and I’ve spent (too) many a long night DJing in various clubs, mainly the fabulous and legendary Leeds club SpeedQueen.
They just do occasional nights now but it’s inclusive ethos welcoming open-minded people, gay straight, trans black, white, young, old etc.. made it a very special place in clubland through the 90s and 00s

With a full time job and a young son ,who still hates bedtime, life is pretty hectic. I’m aiming not to rant TOO much and not to tweet after too much wine (hard in the festive season I think) and also to use less brackets!
If I had a magic wand, after the obvious (getting rid of wars, hunger and ill health) I’d create an extra day between Sunday and Monday where the shops and most other stuff is closed – just for chillaxing (as the kids say).

Sunday, 2 December 2012

Week 47: Jason

Hi everyone,

I'm Jason (@Jason__Slack), by day I am the Funding & Marketing Officer of The Hunslet Club (@HunsletClub), one of the top five largest youth clubs in the UK, right here in South Leeds, other hats I wear include being Chair of the Metcalfe Smith Trust (@M_Smith_Trust) which has been making a difference to peoples' lives since 1867, volunteer with a Beaver Scout group, help when I can with Leeds Social Media Surgeries.

I am not a Leeds born and bred person, I came from Norfolk some moons ago to study at Trinity & All Saints College in Horsforth and like a lot of people, loved it so much here I decided to stay, became a charity fundraiser and that's pretty much what I've been doing ever since.

I'm interested in lots of different things, but I better not say too much here, else I've less to talk about during my week as a person of Leeds on a twitter pedestal!. If you want to know something, just ask!

Sunday, 25 November 2012

Week 46: Jeremy

Hi my name is Jeremy Morton and I live in Beeston, South Leeds. 

I've lived in Beeston since 1984 and am involved in various local projects such as Beeston Festival, as a governor at New Bewerley Community School, as treasurer of Leeds CISV and as a founding contributor to the South Leeds Life blog. Basically, I'm a local busybody. My aim is to tell you something about these and other wonders of this unfashionable part of town.

I have two grown up children, one at university and one back at home. Having worked in community development, housing and regeneration for thirty years, I am currently out of work and looking for a new direction.

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Week 45: James

James, husband, student administrator, recently moved to Kirkstall, two years in Leeds, cultural and community activist with On The Edge Leeds, too infrequently creative, book reader, film watcher, gig goer, postcard collector, like sharing ideas and information, let's live it large because we're only old once, let's make a difference. Most likely to have a song going through my head.

My last tattoo said 'Get the girl, kill the baddies, save the entire planet. My next one will be Batman and Usagi Yojimbo preparing to fight off barbarian hordes.

What to expect this week? #Leedsletters on Tuesday (Dock Street Market, 7pm, you coming?), a meal out on Wednesday and my birthday, and more. Obviously, my views and opinions are my own and may not reflect those of others.

Monday, 12 November 2012

Week 44: Tim

Some people call me Toadee or Realtoadee (because I am) but my real name is Tim. You can actually call me whatever you like because I have amazingly thick skin.

I've lived in Leeds almost all my life (which is rather a long time) and I currently reside in Rothwell which never really wanted to be part of Leeds but there you go! I'm hoping that I'll be able to give some sense of recent history as I tweet but I'm not promising because I have a very changable mind and I really do have difficulty focusing on a task.

I do hope that my tweeting doesn't upset anyone but if it does please tell me and I'll crawl into a hole.

Sunday, 4 November 2012

Week 43: Rob

Rob is a bachelor living in the trendy part of the city centre, who moved to Leeds for university 15 years ago and never left. He is fond of the architecture of Leeds, enjoys a pint in proper Leeds pubs,  likes getting into the loins, and will be spending his week at the Leeds International Film Festival. He's also an expert of Transformers (the proper 80s ones, not the Michael Bay ones)

Sunday, 28 October 2012

Week 42: Matt

I'm @briggatebeer othewise known as Matt @northbardrinks. Manager of one of the best bars in the entire world that just so happens to be in Leeds. Currently residing in Shadwell, I'll be tweeting about beer, drinks, art and other ace things about Leeds... and... perhaps a bit on public transport!!

Sunday, 21 October 2012

Week 41: Liz

I've lived in Leeds since finishing agricultural college (where I did an ever-useful degree in Equine Science) in 2003, and have always lived in Halton, East Leeds with my husband. We now have two kids, aged five and three. My daughter will tell you that she's six in three weeks though, so I'd better mention that. I think that East Leeds is a bit under-valued, so I'll probably talk a bit about that during my week as People of Leeds. I work as a lead advisor for a Big Lottery funded grant scheme called Access to Nature, the aim of which is to connect many different groups of people with the natural environment. I really love my job, which is a relief, because I work full time!

When I'm not doing that, I have a myriad of interests ranging from working on my allotment to playing with Blythe dolls. In fact, I think the only hobby I've never been interested in is golf. Oh, and football, much to the sadness of my Leeds United supporting husband. The range of things I'm interested in led to me naming my blog "Margot and Barbara", where I write three times a week on pretty much anything that occurs to me.  Subjects that I will always be interested in include the environment, travel, local, seasonal and home grown food, books, gardening, beer, fashion, the state of my wrinkles (I've become a bit obsessed by them...), tea drinking, learning about new things, and making new friends. I'm sure we'll get along...

Sunday, 14 October 2012

Week 40: Hannah

Hello! I’m Hannah, and in two weeks’ time I will have been a Loiner for 2 years. Previously a Southerner for 25 years, but in Yorkshire I finally feel like I’ve found home. I knew absolutely nothing about Leeds when I moved but it’s turned out to be one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.
So far I have lived in Brewery Wharf but the weekend before my PoL week I finally moved into my 'new' home, a back-to-back house in Kirkstall. So you can probably expect a few musings on which box did I pack so-and-so in!

I love old buildings, cemeteries, black and white films, vintage fabrics, photography (digital & 35mm), bookcrossing, and many other things besides (which you may learn about over the next week).

Sunday, 7 October 2012

Week 39: Roger

Lancashire lad converted to the Yorkshire faith. Defined by a being a husband, dad of 2, principal emergency planning officer for Leeds (which ranks as the coolest job in the city I reckon!!) and avid mountain biker. Well fed muffin tops. Absolute foody - very carnivorous. Supporter of the underdog. A family guy and humanitarian. Know nothing about sport. Once lived in Somalia.

Sunday, 30 September 2012

Week 38: Jan

My name is Jan aka @Jan_Rush and I live in Moortown in north Leeds.

By day I'm a finance manger for a big multi-national company and I'm lucky enough to work from home. By night, I'm a school governor and through this I am involved in my son's primary school, a local cluster of schools and the local authority.

I originally moved to Yorkshire in 1985 to study at Bradford University and moved to Leeds in 2001 and although I consider myself to be a yorkshire-woman I'm probably still considered to be an in-comer.

I like to run, go to the gym, do kick boxing, drink wine, drink coffee, eat out and generally enjoy life in Leeds.

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Week 37: Ewan

Hello, I'm Ewan.  I've been a citizen of Leeds since 1999 and have lived in Beeston LS11 since day 1.  I moved to Leeds to make my fortune after graduating from De Montfort University in Leicester, a degree I have managed to do little with. 

I didn't know Leeds at all when we moved here, other than Elland Road (I've been a Leeds United fan since 1990) and I have been finding my way around the city ever since.  My current hobbies, other than watching The Football, include food (I have a food blog don't you know) and I have recently taken up running.  I'm happily married, sorry ladies, and have a son who will shortly be 2.

I'm still to make my fortune and there are still pockets of Leeds I don't know, but I'll enjoy showing you the bits that I do know this week.  I hope you enjoy it too.

Sunday, 16 September 2012

Week 36: Tess

Hello, I’m Tess and I’m a genuine Loiner. Born a month early at the old Hyde Terrace Maternity ward and raised in Guiseley (LS20 - that still counts doesn’t it?). Went away to Uni to study Modern European History at UEA in Norwich, but it never occurred to me to stay in that fine city (and it was fine). So back home I came, and never have left LS postcode again (well, obviously for holidays, visits and other stuff).

I didn’t really know what I wanted to do with my life, I had a vague idea that I would like to work at the University - and I have done
so for nearly 16 year now. Ironically a massive part of my job is helping students in Arts and Humanities to think about getting a job and making themselves more “employable”.

I don’t really have any hobbies, but I’m always trying to get fit/lose weight and my new obsession is playing squash - unfortunately this is coupled with my love of veggie food, cakes, cocktails and crisps, and more cakes. I love trashy TV and I am still mourning for Sunset Beach, but even I have drawn a line in the sand and refuse to watch TOWIE, and that Chelsea one.

Please join me on my People of Leeds quest,  I promise not to talk about
Britain and Ireland’s Next Top Model too much...

Sunday, 9 September 2012

Week 35: Diane

Hi My name is Diane, I've lived in Leeds for almost 26 years having slipped over the pennines from the wet and wild Lancashire in my teens to study.....nothing drew me back there! I've lived in Beautiful Bramley for the past 22 years and would love to share to the people of Leeds some insights. I have 2 kids aged 17 and one told me that working with teenagers was easier than living with 2 teenagers. I share my house with a third person, my lovely hubby Mark. I'll get to tweet on the 14th September how we celebrate out 21st Wedding anniversary.....don't expect anything wonderful and special, its most likely to be low key!
Until recently I also worked in Bramley with the fabulous youth, (sadly made redundant and seeking full time I've plenty of time on my hands to play) I do some part-time work, mainly supervised contacts of parents with their children and lots of voluntary work, so you might find I tweet about some of the positive stuff that young people are up to in Leeds. 
I'm not too witty, but I do have a good sense of humour so hopefully won't bore too many folk as I get out and about. 

Sunday, 2 September 2012

Week 34: Julia

Hello, I work and sleep in Leeds but I have terrible wanderlust and just before I took over this account I was backpacking Greece; travelling in Weymouth, Hastings, Brighton and Dorset; cheering wildly at the Olympics and the Paralympics; and reading on a beach in Brittany.

On my travels this summer I read 'One Day' by David Nicholls which gave me an idea for this account. As I'm a committed diarist I can share with you what I was doing on each day of my week for the previous 20 years, so you get to see what made me this particular person of Leeds. Would you like to read the edited highlights? I won't use real names (or initials) and reserve the right to edit for reasons of good taste.

Oh, and it's my birthday too. That should make a good diary entry and I like the idea of celebrating it here.

Thursday, 30 August 2012

Week 33: Penny

I'm Penny, rock aerobics instructor, drinker of beer, lover of life, singer in Penny and the Sausages (rad 80s covers band). A mere ten days ago I made the transition from being a full-time fitness instructor to being an office bod working in the city. I am still adjusting to my new 9-5 lifestyle, working in the city centre and wearing shoes that aren't trainers.

Week 32: Steph

Cake loving cat obsessed queen of volunteering for health and wellbeing. Learning to knit, amazing at cooking, useless at being healthy. Having a Leeds wedding this year and have a Leeds United supporting cat called Delia. Can’t live without cardigans, cups of tea or my iPod. Hate raisins in anything.

Sunday, 12 August 2012

Week 31: Rachael

I currently work as a Marketing Executive for The Cotswold Food Partnership in Bradford. Adopted dweller of Leeds. In the week you will possibly see me going to gigs, any cultural events going on and more than frequenting the bars at the end of the week , tweets about TV, films, people, olympics, food....oh and tweeting about the city that defined me.. Leeds...

Week 30: Hannah

My name is Hannah Beal, I'm 29 and I've lived in Leeds since 2003 when I moved here for university. I work for Everything Everywhere, which is the comapny that runs Orange and T-Mobile - I work within the Multimedia Products team, it sounds super exciting and at times can be, but normally it's juts a run of the mill marketing role! But I do love it.
I live in Armley with my boyfriend Scott, and our cat Bert.

It'll be the summer when I'm tweeting, so hopefully the weather will be lovely and warm. We've got one day at Headingley Cricket, so that will be amusing! And I'll have to have a think about the other days, to make it interesting for you readers. I'm part of ELSIE (Leeds Community Enterprise), so hopefully we'll have a meeting / event to talk about that week.

Sunday, 29 July 2012

Week 29: Chris

I’m Chris King. Yes, the Chris King. The Crown Green Bowls correspondent for the Yorkshire Evening Post. Bowls. It’s a sport. It is. Honestly. Oh well.
I work in Project Management for the University of Leeds when I’m not writing about men polishing their balls. I don’t work with students. There’s no thankfully to follow that statement. I fully appreciate the impact students have on both our city (good and bad) as well as my pay packet. The only time I moan is when it takes forever to get lunch. Otherwise we happily share the same space.
I live in Meanwood. I refuse to call it a village. I’m not sure anyone other than an estate agent calls it that. Yes we have one of those fancy dan supermarkets, but there’s more to Meanwood than Waitrose.
I’m originally from London. I’ve worked across Britain and Europe. I moved to Leeds after finding my wife in a field in Glastonbury. She wasn’t lost, though I think I was at the time. I moved up, my mum moved up. I started my own family and now I am here. Working, living, drinking, breathing – and doubting; yes doubting. I’ve failed in some way to truly bond with Leeds. When I moved up it was all about the great bars, clubs and restaurants – but now, as a father – that all feels like a life time away. So now I have a void. A void I am looking to fill – through the dialogue I hope to have with anyone that cares to interact with me on twitter this week. I’ll show you my Leeds, if you tell me all about yours.
Expect tweets, photos and I’ll even try to keep everything as positive as possible. I don’t use the bus all that often, so there’s no excuse for me to moan about those.

Thursday, 26 July 2012

Week 28: Lianne

I'm a 26 year old wife. Living in Meanwood with my husband and cat. I work as a finance supervisor for an insurance company in Leeds. Keen cyclist and love going to the gym. I'll be running a few Yorkshire based 10ks this year. I'm a member of a WI in Leeds and also go to book clubs and various craft groups in Leeds. Oh and I love tattooing and have a lot of work done by artists who are also based in Leeds. All this Yorkshire living is awfully strange for me as I've only been here for 5 years and I'm from London originally.

Sunday, 15 July 2012

Happy Anniversary!

Today marks six months since People of Leeds started. Originally we hoped it would run for three months as an experiment. We never thought it would be the start of a movement, would gain over 2000 fans and would spark people around the world looking at Leeds with interest, including people booking holidays to see where we're talking about in person! We've been featured in the media several times, including the New York Times and ABC News.

It's been a pleasure, and it's with immense pride that I can say this is just the beginning. We've got people booked in until 2013, and the plan is to continue it for as long as we get volunteers. Thank you to everyone who has taken part so far, to people yet to come, and to all of you for joining in, reading, and making all of this more than we could ever hope for.

Week 27: Mick

Twitcher, Leeds United fan and occassional blogger. Based in Armley, Mick's written three books including Nailed - Digital Stalking. He has three sons and the proudest moment of his life was when Mike Garson contacted him to say how much he'd enjoyed reading Coming Out.

Monday, 9 July 2012

Week 26: Gary the Gopher

Hi I'm Gary the Gopher of I was born (well more like created) on Valentines Day 2008 in Leeds to help local businesses promote themselves.

I've lived in Leeds all my life, based at Queen Square LS2, and think I could well be the country's first and one and only Gopher entrepreneur.

I love the people and the businesses of Leeds and I am big a fan of helping the city to thrive.
I'd describe myself as furry, cuddly and a lot of fun.

With my week on People of Leeds I hope to provide a unique insight into the city from my point of view as well as the others I meet along the way.

If you spot me come say hi - I will give a you a free cuddle and may even post your picture on the Twitter account!

Have a nice day now!
Gary the Gopher

Sunday, 1 July 2012

Week 25: Phil

Originally from the Midlands, I've lived up in Leeds since my teens
and never quite escaped - despite some honourable attempts - and moved
into the city centre (the uncool end, but it still counts!) about
three years ago. Like many people here, I work for a digital marketing
agency where I do front-end web development (the stuff that goes on in
the browser) and am rather excitable about the awesome communities
that we're creating.

This year sees a bit of a shift to being more sociable and I can often
be found at book clubs and other varied events that go on in the city.
I'm also a big motor sport fan and a collector of t-shirts, most of
which I don't even wear. My second favourite kind of mushroom is the
straw mushroom.

Sunday, 24 June 2012

Week 24: Leanne

I’m Leanne, a child of the neighbouring Metropolis of Barnsley, I commute into Leeds ever day to work for Leeds City Council in the marketing team. My day job sees me running around the city working on projects like the beautiful Victorian Leeds Kirkgate Market and the many Farmer’s Markets in the city; the bi-annual Leeds Architecture Awards celebrating excellence in urban design; the annual Leeds Digital Festival bringing together all aspects of digital from games development and web design to film, photography and art. It busy but fun and most of my meetings are held in bars, cafes and pubs so expect an insight into the best places to meet up.

After hours I am the guardian of a small travelling #LegoTourist taking bookings for adventures across the world. I’m also on a mission to complete #30things of randomness to celebrate growing old gracelessly. The challenges include everything from dance and language classes to milking cows and the odd spot of street art. I’m also the Digital & Design Editor for the @CultureVultures blog seeking out interesting snippets of news, events and creative characters across the north.

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Week 23: Catherine

My name is Catherine, I was born in Leeds and currently live in Headingley and I work at Leeds Met University.  I hope to share some of my passion for my home city as I experience some of what the City has to offer with and without my 16 month son.

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Week 22: Elly

Apologies for the delay in Elly's details - she was a last minute stand in for another curator, and so didn't get any time to prepare!

I am a full time writer and content creator at a digital marketing agency in Leeds, as well as a freelance writer, fashion/culture blogger, and general nosy parker. I like getting involved with everything and anything in Leeds, including events, pubs, talks, workshops, debates and anything I can get my hands on. I've written for Culture Vulture, Leeds Guide and Guardian Leeds, as well as being a regular contributor to Beyond Guardian Leeds. I graduated from my MA in History of Art last year, where my dissertation was on fashion blogging as a form of contemporary labour. Yeh, so like, brains and that.

I'm looking forward to being a Person of Leeds for a week to show the rest of Twitter my version of Leeds - the people, places, style and substance that make it great and has kept me here since 2009. Oh, and I am consistently and almost-fashionably late for everything.

Sunday, 3 June 2012

Week Twenty-One: Matthew

I'm a writer and storyteller, based in Moortown in North Leeds. I work all over the city, with all sorts of different people. A lot of the work I do is in local schools, but I also perform in libraries, theatres, museums, tents - pretty much anywhere that'll have me really

I tell all sorts of different stories from traditional myths and folktales to interpretations of well-known literary classics. I also perform my own material – mainly stories about my life growing-up in Leeds. There's some more stuff about me online at:

I'm also in the middle of an ongoing twitter project myself - @365LeedsStories. I'm basically trying to tweet a tiny story about the city of Leeds for every day of the year. Some of the stories are factual, some are funny (well I think so anyway) and some are sad. The only rule for their inclusion in the project is that they must in some way be connected to the urban utopia that is Leeds.
That's been going on since April 2011 and I'm planning to run it for another year at least.

I also tweet as myself @PostboxJohn

Sunday, 27 May 2012

Week Twenty: Steve

Originally from Wakefield, I moved to Leeds about 5-6 years ago. Originally residing in Headingley, then Chapel Allerton and now the City Centre, I’ve had a taste of a few different levels of Leeds living. I work for a communication solutions company called KCOM, as Internal Communication and Social Media Manager (No, I don’t just sit on Facebook all day!). Favourite dance move is The Robot!

Sunday, 20 May 2012

Week Nineteen: Nadine


I'm Nadine (@MissPembers) and i'm originally from Bradford but now very happily resident in LS1.

I've been working in Leeds for the last few years but reluctantly (please don't boo me just yet!!) moved to the city in February after a job offer that was meant to be back in London, where I previously lived, ended up being based in Leeds.

Not one to do things by half, I figured that if I was going to work in LS1, I might as well move to LS1 and learn about the city by living the city life. I've swapped the daily commute for a nice stroll, the car for my trainers and my 'old' life for a brand new shiny, Leeds based, fun-filled one that I absolutely love!!!

I'm a solicitor and I'll be at work during the day Monday to Friday but I'll find time to tweet, especially at lunch time.  You might be able to help me with a daily dilemma that I have - 'what shall I have for lunch?!?!?' The view from my desk has got to be one of the nicest in the city centre.  I'll show you at some point. 

I have a few bits planned this week that will give a reflection of my day to day or day to night, life in Leeds and I'm also hoping to try out some new things and places.

Hope you enjoy my week.  I know i'm going to, except perhaps for my visit to the dentist on Monday...

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Week Eighteen: Tessa

I've been in Leeds since 2004 when I arrived to study Jazz at the College of Music.  Now a resident of Armley, West Leeds, I spend my days teaching singing in Bradford and Harrogate, gigging where ever I can, and seeking out live music to listen and dance Lindy-Hop to in Leeds.

Hopefully I'll take you some places you didn't know about, or at least haven't been yet.  :)

Sunday, 6 May 2012

Week Seventeen: Amber

Hi, I'm Amber. I've lived in Leeds for almost 13 years, mostly in Burley LS4 where I live now.
I have worked in Leeds and York as a research scientist but at the moment am mostly mum to sons aged 5 and 3 (and minus 2 months) and I like to spend my time exploring Leeds both with and without them.

My tweets should give you an idea of what it's like to live in Leeds with a young family.

Sunday, 29 April 2012

Week Sixteen: Romy

I'm Romy and I'm looking forward to telling you about Leeds in words, pictures and maybe a video or two if you're lucky. Tweet me if you have any Leeds related questions!

Twelve years ago I packed up my bag, grabbed my Yorkshire phrasebook and made the long journey across the pennines from Stockport. I bagged myself a Leeds lad and have been here ever since.

I love eating well and keeping active - I play football for Middleton Park FC, I go running in Leeds' many green spaces and I love to shop at Leeds Kirkgate Market, where I usually get some cooking tips thrown in by the traders.

In short, I'm a northern girl, living a typical life in a great Yorkshire city. Welcome to My Leeds....

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Week Fifteen: Ben

I'm Ben and I am from Leeds. 
Having only left the LS postcode a few years ago to study around the rest of the civilised world (South and North Yorkshire), I'm now back in and around Leeds and make a daily pilgrimage twelve minutes up the train track into the centre. 
I work at a law firm which prides itself on its Leeds roots and spend most evenings around the city centre too.
I think you'll all agree that while the previous fourteen people have all been excellent, what this account needs is a bit more organisation. So each morning I'll be posting my daily itinerary.
As that really is how dull I am, watch out for some follower participation scheduled for later in my week, plus a special guest appearance on Wednesday from a former Person Of Leeds.
Hmm, now, did I spell that day right...?

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Week Fourteen: Steve

I'm from Cardiff, but moved to Leeds in 2000 for no particular reason and have lived + worked here since. I've lived in Burley for the past six years and worked a range of jobs across, but currently work for a marketing agency in Roundhay. Outside the office, I do vocals in a band called 'antares', and spend the rest of my social time either going to local gigs, hanging with friends or other fun distractions. I walk half my commute and bus the other half (working off the Xmas belly!), and do lots of home-cooking which can often end up on Twitter!

Sunday, 8 April 2012

Week 13: Lianne

From Monday to Thursday, my name will be Lianne Marie Binks but like any good superhero I will be changing my name for the weekend to Lianne Marie Mease. OK so I’m not a superhero, I’m just getting married on Friday.

I work at QA Ltd (@QATraining) in LS1 but live in LS9 and am a marketing communications specialist so creating email and social media campaigns are what I do on a day-to-day basis. I tweet throughout every hour of the day that I’m awake (including my own wedding as you will see on Friday) and when I’m not promoting QA, I’m usually promoting my food blog Everything Goes With Toast.

My tweets will probably involve exciting nuggets about ladders in my tights and the world of Leeds as seen from the perspective of my bicycle Tallulahbelle.

Sunday, 1 April 2012

Week Twelve: Jennie

My name is Jennie and I am a twitter addict.  There, I said it (first step to recovery apparently). 

I live just on the outskirts of the city centre which means I can get out to the bars and restaurants and shops far too frequently!  I’ve been living in my little flat 18 months and although I’ve lived in Leeds for nearly six years, I’m still finding lots of new things to see and do.

Although I live in Leeds I actually work in Bradford in a marketing department so during my week you’ll get to join me for the highs and lows of public transport and Leeds train station (where I seem to spend far too much time), the odd marketing related tweet and a few tweets about the charity I volunteer for. At the end of the week I’ll hopefully be tweeting from the legendary Courtyard Party which is held on each of the bank holiday weekends through the summer.  I might even have chance to go the museum or the art gallery or Roundhay Park or Tropical World or the Armouries or Kirkstall Abbey or ......... See, told you there was lots to see and do!

Sunday, 25 March 2012

Week Eleven: Kelly

I'm Kelly (or @pinkyvonne) and although I was born in South Africa I was bred here in Leeds. My family is steeped in Leeds history and I am full of anecdotes which I hope you will find fun and interesting! Here’s some facts about me:
  • I am enthusiastic about everything.
  • I currently work in research for the government
  • I'm a big fan of bullet point lists.
  • I say yes to doing stuff before fully understanding what it is.
  • I laugh. A lot. Especially at animals in clothing.
  • I have a terrible memory except for stuff useful only in a pub quiz situation.
  • I have a huge appetite for all culture-highbrow/lowbrow/nobrow.
  • I particularly love films, so much so I studied them at university.
  • I have versatile hair.
Come take my hand and I'll show you round my version of this ace city…

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Week Ten: Tom

I've been living and working in Leeds since last July (I'm originally a Yorkshire lad but spent the last ten years in Suffolk). I've found twitter to be a really good source of information that's helped me to settle in to Leeds life and discover fantastic independent bars, restaurants and coffee shops as well as information about events happening in and around the city. I look forward to sharing some of my favourite things about Leeds during my week with @PeopleOfLeeds.

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Week Nine: Katie

Hi I'm Katie Buffalo. I emigrated from the US (Kentucky, specifically)
in 2006 and I've lived in Leeds ever since. I love it here, and it
feels more like home than home ever really did, to be honest. I work
in marketing and PR at Leeds Trinity University College, which I
really enjoy. It's fast-paced and creative and my co-workers are

I sometimes think I'm a really a 60 year old Yorkshireman trapped in a
33 year old American woman's body - I love pie, real ale, beer
festivals with morris dancers, flat caps, dogs (though I don't have
one, sadly), and doing a little DIY on a Saturday afternoon while
listening to Radio 4. But then again, I'm also obsessed with dresses,
shoes,  nail varnish, and music - hip-hop to classic country and
everything in between.  So, basically, I guess I'm just a walking

When I'm not painting my nails, you can find me in the kitchen (I love
to cook, and was even a contestant on Britains' Best Dish in 2009!) or
just hanging out with my husband @mtarbit and the wacky cast of
characters that make up our friends.

Sunday, 4 March 2012

Week Eight: Rowena

My name is Rowena and I am the Community Manager of Yelp in Leeds. I generally work where ever there may be wifi, and am based in Headingley town. As the Community Manager of Yelp, I help to connect local folk to the best in local business, promote the independents, write a spanking lovely newsletter each week and generally organise a ton of funzies offline in the real world – as well as welcoming anyone to the site who might pop up! ( Of course, take a gander and get involved if you wish!

I've been up north for just about 10 years now, and am proud to say I'm an honourary Yorkshire(wo)man. Personally, I'm passionate about singing, songwriting, taking photographs, writing, debating, feminism and just about anything creative I can put my hand to. If there's an adventure, I'll find it. I adore vintage clothings so you'll occasionally find me dressed in random Victorian-esque garb and, if you're (un)lucky, hideously 80s shoulder pad-tastic threads. I also dabbled in jewellery making a while back! Professionally, I'm passionate about all things Leeds, and adore the city for all of its creativity, diversity, culture and (most importantly) delicious foodstuffs. In general I'm usually about town like a mad woman, by day and night, trying to soak in as much of the awesome as there is to offer here. And there's a lot. I hope to share some of it over the next seven days...

Things that are fabulous include: Gaslight Club at Oporto, Cafe Scientifique, TEDxLeeds, LSx, Cornucopia, Reetsweet, Foldageddon, Thought Bubble, Judy's Vintage Fair, St. Gemma's Vintage Fair, Acoustic Revolution at Adelphi, The Carriageworks, Leeds Indie Radio and the Leeds music scene in general. (Of course, there's bound to be some things I've missed off this list, but you get the idea.) Also, my cat is pretty damned cool. (She plays fetch, and everything.)

Hoping to have lots to say this week about Leeds, and wish me luck! I'm feeling the pressure of the amazing dudes that had the gig before me...

Sunday, 26 February 2012

Week Seven: Georgia

My name is Georgia and I'm a freelance creative living in Leeds.
I live in Leeds city centre and as a freelance have a lot of travelling to do!
Luckily though it means I have the chance to go meet loads of interesting people, go to lots of interesting places and share my experiences on along the way!
I'm really interested in the culture of Leeds and getting people together as a community through digital means.
My week wont just be about work though, you will hear about how fun it is to play in Leeds too!
My social calendar is pretty up in the air so you could be hearing about anything, as in my opinion, the most fun things are off the cuff anyway!
Really looking forward to the project and hope you're looking forward to hearing about my week in control of People of Leeds!

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Week Six: Declan

Howdy, my name's Declan aka @Declanthinks and I'm THE person of Leeds for the week commencing the 20th of February. I tend to tweet about The Jeremy Kyle show, the best man on television.

If you need any idea of what sort of tweeter I will be, just think the polar opposite of the previous five. 

I wear neckwear like no other. 

I tend not to adhere to the obvious stereotypes but I am massive Sex and the City fan. Incase you were wondering, I am Samantha. 

I've got a lot of spare time on my hands at the moment... Ahem. So to fill my time I have just started on a new project with @Jennie84 to organise events raising money for Macmillian Cancer Trust. Our first is on the 7th of April at The Wardrobe in Leeds. I assume I'll see you there.

I live in Otley, which feels like a thousand miles away from the cosmopolitan metropolis of Leeds City Centre. I will spend most of my week trying to get back in touch with Civilisation and away from fields and hedges and wildlife and stuff.

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Week Five: Phil

Hi there - Phil here.

Originally from Bradford, I moved to Leeds when I was 7. Until recently I lived in Horsforth; I moved to the city centre at the end of January. I work as a software engineer and consultant in Kirkstall.

I love photography and typography, and have been known to watch a bit of Doctor Who now and then… :)

But anyway, how have I become a Person Of Leeds™? Good question. Long answer.

Horsforth's a great place to live, but it was only in the past year or so that I realised quite how much stuff also happens all across Leeds - and all thanks to Twitter. Little did I know what I was letting myself in for when I started my 2011 new year resolution of "go out and do stuff"!

I've become friends with people from all over the city and been to countless awesome and crazy events: music festivals, carnivals, photo and book groups, and even helped create an art installation in the Town Hall cells for Light Night with the talented bunch at Leeds Craft Club. I'm hoping to do even more this year.

Please wish me luck in my endeavours this week - everyone's been so great at this project so far and I really want to keep the conversation going… and please tweet me with your questions and thoughts!

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Week Four: AvidReader

Hey Everyone,

@LeedsBookClub here, somewhat  terrified at having to follow such class acts!

Originally from Ireland, I love living in Leeds, having invaded these fair shores to attend university. Two degrees and ten years later, I consider myself a voluntary Yorkshire woman at this point.
Without the accent.

A bookphile; I run 4 book clubs across Leeds (with a related blog and podcast at What can i say? I like to keep busy!

Additionally, I plan on being a regular contributor to #LeedsPlaylist - run by bookclub member extraordinaire @Wandapops!

I'm also a co-host of Culturally Fixated  - a podcast about tv, films and music. Mostly I delight in cramming in totally necessary references to my other big obsession - the works of Joss Whedon. Oh the squee-ing in my house when I realized he was adapting the Shakespeare play 'Much Ado About Nothing'. To be heard to be believed!

In my spare time I dream of having actual spare time.


Sunday, 29 January 2012

Week Three - Ian

Ian Bowden is the Art Director of a major international video games studio, based in the post-apocalyptic wilderness of Holbeck, South Leeds.   Born in 1970, the son of a draughtsman-turned-programmer, Ian spent his formative years in Liverpool living in a house surrounded by cutting edge technology (read ugly beige boxes with wires coming out). Ignoring the promise of paid work as a junior programmer, he moved to Leeds in 1989 to study Art History and English Literature. When forced to find gainful employment the burgeoning games industry of the mid-nineties beckoned.   Ian has lectured internationally, works with Yorkshire Universities and is generally involved in the Leeds Arts Scene. He lives in LS6.   In his spare time Ian makes big charcoal pictures, takes bad photographs and sits in pubs sketching; an attempt to document the rapidly dwindling traditional British Pub Culture. This is in no way an excuse to drink beer.

Monday, 23 January 2012

Week Two - Wendy

I’m Wendy AKA @Wandapops - a southern shortie with a Yorkshire state of mind. 

I live in the city centre in a flat by the river. This means I can pretty much walk everywhere, if I'm not running (slowly) or dancing (enthusiastically).

If I didn't get paid to promote Leeds to visitors @LoveLeedsMore I'd be doing it anyway (don't tell my bosses that). Luckily it is my job and I practice what I preach. It’s my mission to make the most of the fabulous fun things we have going on. 

I encourage people to #LeedsCelebWatch with varying degrees of success. I am the curator of #LeedsPlaylist. I love fancy dress. I want to keep the memory of Sir Jimmy Savile alive by holding a race in his honour. I’m in a cheese club and a book club. I swoon a lot. If my life was a sitcom it would be New Girl (with less gorgeousness). I’m cultured and uncultured in equal measures. I insist on knowing everyone’s height. My glass is so full I’ve spilt drink on your shoes. Soz.

I hope you enjoy the random places I'll be taking you this week, spending the money I probably should be putting into a pension. I can't wait to share and compare experiences with all you other PeopleOfLeeds!

Monday, 16 January 2012

Week One - Kirsty

Welcome to week one of People of Leeds. This week's guest is Kirsty. Kirsty has lived in Leeds for a little over two years, and currently lives in Wortley in West Leeds. She works for the council and also runs Leeds Letters, Leeds Photohunt and Foldageddon. Kirsty is interested in the arts and would like to bring more fun events to Leeds. Kirsty will be tweeting on @peopleofleeds until 22nd January. She normally tweets as @gazpachodragon

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Welcome to People of Leeds

Hello and welcome to People of Leeds!

We are a twitter account that is run by the people of Leeds. All sorts of different people, from all over Leeds, telling the world about the city. We'll be starting on January 16th.

Each Monday a new person will take over the account. For a look at this week's person, check out the latest blog, or head to our twitter feed for the project itself.