Sunday, 22 December 2013

Week 101: Scotty

My name is Scotty and I am a resident of Leeds, gods' playground. I work in Criminal Justice and I will be letting Leeds see a week in the life of me.

Thursday, 19 December 2013

Week 100: Dan

I'm Dan, I was born and grew up in Leeds, then was exiled to the grim nether-regions of Hull before returning to Kirkstall 3 years ago. I run a blog about soup and can often be found searching for weird and wonderful ingredients in Leeds Market. When I'm not sweating over a hot pan, I can be found getting fanatical about books, music, films, comics, TV shows, games, monkeys, meat, beer, kittens and basically geeking out a bit. Why don't you geek out a bit with me? Also, its Christmas. Lets see how Leeds does Christmas!

Week 99: Anna

Passionate about in community friendly Chapel Allerton and work for a global ingredients company in marketing. I research and present culinary trends and EU insights for retail & foodservice. This week, tweets will capture Leeds' growing foodie & art scene...if you enjoyed reading #FF @anna_nichol

Week 98: Cassandra

I've lived in Leeds since 2002, when I made the bold decision to migrate from East to West Yorkshire for university. I'm now settled in Chapel Allerton with my husband and two cats. I work in Headingley for a Leeds based charity; a social network that supports young people with Multiple Sclerosis. Outside of work, I train with Hot Wheel Roller Derby, drink wine, potter in my shed and wander about, thinking about things. I spend most of my spare time in my garden and kitchen. My life revolves around food: growing it, planning it, cooking it, occasionally writing about it, eating it. I don't refer to myself as a 'foodie' as I have no idea what it means. I'm passionate about clean, uncomplicated, dishes which have been cooked with time and care. I'm the slowest cook on earth. I dislike fennel, fusion food and microwaves. I love seafood, eating with my fingers, long fermentation baking and Leeds City market. During my week with People of Leeds, I'll most likely be tweeting about eating, hanging around, the awesome charity I work for, my cats and roller derby.

Sunday, 24 November 2013

Week 97: Aaron

My given name is Aaron Louis Adrian Nicholas Holt. I've been a native of Morley (LS27) since birth and almost all major milestones and rites of passage during my 29 years on this planet have occurred in and around Leeds I recently moved from Morley to Tingley, which is where my little family and I now enjoy our archetypal suburban, cul-de-sac existence. We pay tax to Leeds City Council and our phone number begins 0113, but inexplicably we have a WF3 postcode. Nonetheless, I have been eagerly awaiting my chance to be 'Person of Leeds' for months so refuse to be ousted on the grounds of a technicality! My official job title is 'Trailblazing Sales Behemoth' and I am employed by an awesome American company called @Pluralsight. They let me work from home, as well as sending me all over Europe and the UK (although I will be staying grounded during my PoL week - I have a lot to show you!) I see this as a beautiful opportunity to nostalgically chronicle my life and times in this fair city, factoring in an appropriate amount of rose tinting, interspersed with stark objectivity and sarcasm.

Week 96: Chris

I'm Chris, a novelist and music journalist who's been back in Leeds a short while after some time away. Well, gone for 37 years, to be exact. I live in Roundhay, about a mile from where I grew up. I'll point out some changes, because, well, Leeds is a little different these days. If you pay for your share of coffees I'll take you out and about with me, round the 'hood and beyond.

Sunday, 10 November 2013

Week 95: Stewart

28 From Leeds, Live near Horsforth born and bred in Leeds, work for a social policy think tank do a lot of work with digital agencies in Leeds, love all the little shops and cafes here as well as the bigger places particularly Trinity which is ace. Also a social entrepreneur, I’m deaf and I’m launching a social enterprise for disabled people in the next year or so. In my spare time I love cinema trips, exploring Leeds and nearby, travelling – I seem to have permanent wanderlust! Also a massive sports fan really into LUFC, Leeds Rhinos and YCCC.

Sunday, 3 November 2013

Week 94: Ben

Hi, my name is Ben Thompson and I've lived in or near Leeds for most of my life. I currently reside in the magnificent nearby city of Wakefield. I'm a freelance film producer, web and social media consultant, working mainly with local, public sector clients. Presently, a couple of days a week I can be found at one of Leeds' many excellent coffee shops or cafes working on my latest film script. I intend to spend this week sharing what I and you love about Leeds. And making daft jokes.

Sunday, 27 October 2013

Week 93: Helen

HI i'm Helen, i'm not from leeds I'm from a small town called Spenymoor, County Durham. Technically I'm a southerner as i was born in Norwich. I class my self as northern and have lived in Leeds for over 12 years now and love it. I came here for visits to the market and then when uni arose i decided to go to Leeds met to study Graphic Arts and stayed. I now live in Beeston and love it. I'm involved in 2 booklcubs which I love to death and tell you all about it in my week. I will also show you what I love about leeds and why I stayed.

Week 92: Kirsty

I’m Kirsty, I’m 28 and I was born and bred in West Yorkshire. I moved to Leeds in 2009 and I’ve lived in Hunslet ever since, and I’m now a PR manager with Brand8 PR, which is based in the Round Foundry in Holbeck. I’m also a 4th generation Leeds Rhinos fan so I’m very excited for the Rugby League World Cup this autumn! I also follow the tennis and cricket – just not quite as avidly, as rugby league is my first love. I’m currently in four different book clubs, I love films, bands with guitars, cheese, cooking and hanging around in Leeds’ rather wonderful collection of pubs. While I love Leeds I struggle to sit still for too long so there’ll probably be a bit of road trip action too!

Sunday, 13 October 2013

Week 91: Adam

I am a young playwright born and raised in East Leeds. I recently graduated from Leeds University after studying English and since then have pursued my passion for writing. In the past, I have written short plays performed locally and sit on the board for Script Yorkshire, a local writing body. Last year, I wrote my first short film, Gatecrasher, which starred Ryan Prescott (Emmerdale, Doctors, Marchlands) and has since gone on to be accepted in film festivals worldwide and won a Jury Award in Berlin. I am currently preparing for my next play, True Colours, which is my first full length play to go on a UK Tour. It explores themes of racism and prejudice in modern Britain and we will be working alongside local mosques and community groups in order to hold workshops that delve into the play's issues. It premieres in Leeds, before visiting Birmingham, London, and Liverpool. It is also being funded by Arts Council England and Leeds Inspired. During the week we will be in the midst of rehearsals, working incessantly towards opening night (25th Oct) as well as working with the local groups as we hold our first workshop on 19th October. Therefore the People of Leeds account will be in the heart of the what's going on and will hopefully see first hand the impact we are trying to make within the local community.

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Week 90: Charlotte

I'm Charlotte and I live in Kirkstall with my boyfriend, Jonny, and my hamster, Syrup. I grew up in Coventry but moved to Leeds to study English Language in 2008. I didn't know what it was like to love your city until I moved to Leeds! I work for a company that makes deodorants in Seacroft. I haven't been there long but so far I love my job and I get to use all my language skills (I'm a bit of a language geek!) I love all kinds of food and cooking, especially finding healthy recipes for lunches and dinner. Most weekends, I shop at the butchers and greengrocers in Headingley which are fab for good, cheap ingredients. I also love going out for dinner in Leeds and trying new restaurants. Every Wednesday in term-time, I volunteer as an Assistant Leader for 1st Kirkstall Guides - they're great fun and I love my co-leaders! I've also recently taken over running the IronCupcake:Leeds competition, so that's now a big part of my life. I've been attending the competition on and off for the past four years, but running it has been so much fun! This week I'd really like to get more people baking cupcakes. They don't have to be the sugary masses of buttercream and bland cake that so many people expect! Really looking forward to meeting the People of Leeds!

Sunday, 22 September 2013

Week 89: Lynne

Hello. I live in a area just off York road, I am interested in promoting this Area as a lot of money has been spent making it a safe and green Area to walk and Bike. Also the wildlife would be a factor. I would also like to take a broad look at Leeds and find interesting things to do. I am retired so lots of time on my hands.

Sunday, 15 September 2013

Week 88: Katie

I am displaced Londoner who lives in Armley and works at the University of Leeds, where I teach and write about theatre. I write the blog ‘Reasons to be Single’ ( and contribute regularly to The Culture Vulture ( I expect my week will be a whirlwind of writing, cooking and eating (I’ll even tweet the recipes) and complaining about the noises my neighbours make at 6am.

Sunday, 8 September 2013

Week 87: Sara

Healthy eating fitness fanatic, I love running, jumping, skipping and playing out on my bike. By day I'm a project officer for Leeds city council, working to make Leeds an amazing UNICEF child friendly city.... By night, as long as I'm exercising then I'm happy. Love Fridays, hate Mondays!   

Week 86: David

I'm David (@Daviddotzip) from Vancouver, BC, Canada. Just turned 30 and I'm visiting Leeds and England for the first time. Through @PeopleOfLeeds and #RoCur accounts I've made friends around the world and I'm on a trip to meet them. 

I'm a nerd and my interests are many. I love music, movies, TV, books, video games, food, tea, motorcycles, art, culture, and just talking to people. I believe in life long learning and kindness are the key to happiness. 

Sunday, 25 August 2013

Week 85: Esti

Hola all!! I’m Esti from Barcelona! (@leedsbeermaz) Decided to come and live in Leeds 17 years ago to study, dropped out of uni, got a job in the legendary Underground… and never looked back! After graduating in Art and Design working in bars and finally organising the Leeds International Beer Festival seemed like the natural thing to do. Some random and tiny facts things about me: I’ve lived in America, Spain & Germany. I studied Economics at Uni, I love polaroids, (Beer & Music) Festivals, sleeper trains and marmite. Pets have included a dog called Mus and my tapeworm Tom. So expect random Tweets from me….maybe not in Spanish, it’s been so long I seem to have forgotten some of it!

Sunday, 18 August 2013

Week 84: James

I'm James and I've lived in Leeds for the 28 years of my life. I've moved around a fair bit, living in Headingley, Chapeltown, Chapel Allerton, Miles Hill, Scott Hall, Primley Park, City Center and now Meanwood. North Leeds for the win! There's no city I'd rather be, all of my favourite places are in Leeds. Does Ilkley count? Outside work I do ordinary things like binging on TV box sets or playing games. I also muck about musically and with soldering irons. At work I'm a software developer which is something I like to do for pleasure as well. One of my favourite pastimes is camping, I once camped every month for 14 months on the trot! My wife and I rent a small allotment and this year we're trying to grow some rare vegetables including Romanesco and "Dragon Purple" Carrots (old school).

Sunday, 11 August 2013

Weel 83: Kirsty

I am a mum with two young children who lives in Ilkley. I’ve just moved back to Yorkshire from London and I’m loving the fact people now know what a buffet is and no one moans when I say dinner instead of lunch. I write a blog about the funny side of family life at I’d love any tips for family stuff to do in and around Leeds as the last time I lived here I was a student and spent most of my time drinking 10p pints at Ricky’s. Not sure what I’ll be up to during the week but it will definitely involve being hit in the face by a plastic dinosaur.

Sunday, 4 August 2013

Week 82: Carley

Hi y'all, I'm Carley! I'm 25 years old, I'm a Masters student at Leeds University (MA Social & Cultural History), and as of September I'll be training to be a History teacher. I live with my husband in lovely Morley where we've been living the suburban dream for just over a year. I was born in Derby and grew up in a former mining town in Nottinghamshire (I'm possibly related to a bunch of C19th Sheriffs of Nottingham and some lace-makers, hello stereotypes). I've lived in Leeds for almost 6 years and spent all of that time either at university or working at Leeds Met SU. I'm currently writing my MA thesis so hobbies are a little sparse right now! But you can expect tweets about the history of Leeds, pubs, food, and pictures of some of my favourite bits of Morley. I hope I can share some interesting fact nuggets with you and learn a little more about south Leeds.

Week 81: Laura

I'm Laura of Leeds. I am very recently married (21st June), living in Moortown with my new hubby and our two dogs. In fact, it's fantastic that I will have all of you to distract me from my post-wedding blues! And I apologise in advance for any photos showing off my honeymoon tan. I'm 28 years old, which I think is a strange in-between age where half of your friends have children and the other half are hanging onto their early 20s! As a result I think my week of tweets will be about my adventures and struggles being in the middle of the two halves - seeing friends and their families in their homes and family-friendly pubs or rock-climbing, snowboarding, and barbecuing with the others. No doubt there will be some trips to work too at Leeds University and a lot of dog walks in various Leeds parks. Here's a quick low-down: I love cooking without recipes, sewing without a pattern, walks without a map, and dogs (obviously). And I hate Leeds' public transport (because inevitably I would need a map), watches (because then I would need to be on time) and weighing scales (because not only does this require a recipe but also when I stand on them it never shows me what I want to see). And yet, I am very reliable!

Thursday, 25 July 2013

Week 80: Lyndon

I live in Shipley, which is part of the fine Metropolitan District of Bradford. By day, I work in Leeds as a press officer; by night, I fight crime dressed as a weasel. It was meant to be a lynx, but I'm rubbish at needlework. The things I am good at (or at least not rubbish at) are: writing, climbing, outdoor stuff in general, cooking and (once upon a time) acting. I also like reading, live and recorded music, porcupines, kittens and history. And gin. And coffee.

Sunday, 14 July 2013

Week 79: PP

The identity of PP needs to remain mysterious as he is the first Person of Leeds to be a child. He is 10 years old. PP was born on the 4th December 2002 in St James' Hospital, Leeds and has always lived in the Crossgates area of Leeds so is truly a person of Leeds. Currently, he attends Primary School and is a year 5. He has one of the busiest lives possible and every week goes to school, guitar lessons, tennis lessons, tutoring, Lifesaving classes and Cubs. At weekends he loves travelling around to interesting places like castles, historic houses, museums, art galleries, sporting events and music events. In between times he is a living legend on his mother's twitter (@HerLifeStory's). He is the only child @Gazpachodragon has ever admitted to liking. Recent favourite things are the Lord of the Rings novels, James Bond movies (particularly Skyfall) and BBC3's Craziest Fools. PP will be showing you Leeds from a child's perspective this week. Enjoy (and don't swear)

Monday, 8 July 2013

Week 78: Matthew

Oh yeah..... So its @mattyjamesb Hiya Leeds, I'm back. I was due to be PoL back in June of last year but I only went and moved to Sydney didn't I? The cheek of it! Anyway, back visiting for a month and the good Peeps of Leeds are finally letting me have my shot. Up until June '12 I'd lived in Leeds forever apart from four years in Sunderland and Newcastle so that was 27 of my then 31 years had been spent in my glorious home town (City, whatever). Given my move and that I'm also a year older that ratio has changed slightly, probably? What better person to be a PoL than a returning Yorkshire pom. Whats changed? Whats better, worse? Is there still a giant phallus made of tarmac near Dunelm Mill? I can't wait to find out! Oh, and I flaming love car sharing.

Monday, 1 July 2013

Week 77: Sarah

Hi, I'm Sarah & I'm 24. I am a fully fledged Leeds girl. I currently live in Armley but before that I lived in Pudsey. Since I have lived in Leeds for my whole life I want to get some new ideas of fun things for me to do when I actually have time off from work. I work for Wetherspoons in the city centre. I guess if it is sunny this week you will see how crazy it can be at my work. Looking forward to this experience :)

Sunday, 23 June 2013

Week 76: Amanda

Hi, I'm Amanda, I'm 27 and live in beautiful Farsley (otherwise known as not-quite-Bradford!). I moved to Leeds from Surrey in 2004, to go to Uni, where I managed to both get a degree in Linguistics, and also meet a lovely lad from Leeds!

Nine years later and I'm more in love with Leeds (and the lad, now Husband) than ever. I work in the Marketing Team at the University of Leeds, where I spend my days working on campaigns and events to recruit more students! I love working on events (and starting my week I'll have just finished the main Open Days, so will be shattered!), preparing marketing and communications plans (sounds boring but isn't!), working on social media and generally talking to people who are considering Leeds for HE study.

But aside from boring work stuff, I like all sorts of different things, from music, books and films to walking my dog (Skittles), preparing to be a bridesmaid later in the year and finding interesting places to visit around our amazing city. Hopefully this week the people of leeds will help me find more things to see and do!

Sunday, 16 June 2013

Week 75: Sally

My name is Sally and I live in Horsforth, with my boyfriend Todd. I came to Leeds for University 6 years ago, fell in love with the city and never left. We used to live in Headingley (I still miss it) but have been in Horsforth for nearly a year now, and I still don't think I know the area that well, so this week will give me an opportunity to explore it more! 

I work at the University of Leeds, as a Specialist Mentor for students with disabilities. My area of interest is with Autism and communication difficulties, so I'd love to hear what's going on in Leeds, in terms of support and social groups, and also with the Autism Strategy.

I sew in my spare time and catalogue my disasters on my blog, in the hope of encouraging other hapless folks to give it a go. I'd love to hear about other people's crafting disasters and share some of my own.

My boyfriend Todd is a web developer and self confessed geek, so I can often be found accompanying him to 'geek' events in bars across Leeds, seeking out new craft beers to try.

I will be leaving Leeds in September (sob) so my main aim of this week is to create a bucket list of things I have to do before I leave. All suggestions are welcome and as I try new things and go new places, I'll tell you what I think.

Sunday, 9 June 2013

Week 74: Vicky

Hello, I am Vicky and live in West Park or Far Headingley, I have never been sure which!  I came to Leeds over two years ago, after living in Brighton and London.  However I originate from a small town called Thorne in South Yorkshire.  
I am a blogger for Leeds Wellbeing Web, which is a blog with the aims of helping people to keep well in Leeds, with information on events, courses, cheap things to do along with personal reflections and stories.
As well as blogging I also walk dogs, little ones.  I walk five Chihuahuas and a Bichon Frise called Dino.  I have been known to get tangled up in Leads or perhaps I should say Leeds, metaphorically speaking. 

I think Leeds is on the whole a good city, there is plenty to do - I love the quirky small cinemas we have - Hyde Park and Cottage Road.  
I also enjoy the green spaces in and around Leeds and the nearby towns which are easily accessible to visit - but also sometimes need the stimulation of the city. Yes, I enjoy variety.  After living in London for such a long time, I really appreciate being in a smaller city where I can bump into people and get to know them.

I have been dabbling with my creative side since being in Leeds and have even made my own film which is called the Present,  it’s about a 30something woman with a busy life who is suffering from stress, with an emphasis on Mindfulness.  This was shown as part of ‘FIlm to Change,’ in last years Film Festival.

It sounds like a cliché but I feel passionate about the world becoming a better place,  a more ‘human friendly‘ experience   - or at least I think about this a lot!  

I hope this week to Tweet from out in the nearby countryside, from some nice coffee shops in the city and also from some interesting community settings. I am trying to get a little/lot fitter, and so may try some beginners running, get my rusty bike out or go to a yoga class - this weeks tweeting may give me the push to do it!  
This week coincides with the Mental Health: Social Media Recovery week and so my tweets may have a well being theme at times. 

Oh, I forgot to put my age - never mind :)

Sunday, 2 June 2013

Week 73: Alan

I live in Collingham having moved up from the Cotswolds 8 years ago.

I'm married with three grown up children, two living in Yorkshire.

I own with my eldest daughter Bottle Alley Glass which recycles glass bottles and fuses them for fabrication into kitchen & bathroom worktops, wall and floor tiles and lighting panels. The business based at Thorp Arch Estate supports local social enterprises that collect & clean recycled glass bottles.

I play golf at Scarcroft Golf Club and enjoy rambling and drinking real ale.

My youngest daughter has PWS, so I raise funds and awareness of Prader-Willi Syndrome whenever I can. I organise the Collingham Real Ale Festival annually for charity PWSA UK

Sunday, 26 May 2013

Week 72: David

My name is David and I'm a 42 year old television scriptwriter living in Chapel Allerton. I've lived in Leeds for 18 years and Chapel Allerton for all of those 18 years. My wife works for an independent television drama company in Manchester and we have two kids, 8 and 5. I have a strong, complicated relationship with Leeds, a city that I love very, very dearly, but that also frustrates the living hell out of me, and I'll certainly be using this week to explore both those sides of that relationship! I'll also give a flavour of what my job entails, and the particular challenges of forging a career away from London of such a London-centric industry. I'm also a mad keen runner (and member of Chapel Allerton Running Club) and a music obsessive, so I suspect both of those will feature heavily too. Looking forward to it!

Sunday, 19 May 2013

Week 71: Mark

Hi everyone. My name is Mark and it's a pure delight to be your person of Leeds for this week. Now although I was actually born, bred and live in Leeds's sister city of Bradford I have a lot of connections with this great city.

Firstly my wife is originally from Leeds and lived there all her life before I snatched her away to live with me and secondly I work every week day in the city centre. I work for a lovely charity in the heart of Leeds called StepChange, we provided fee help and advice to people who are struggling with debt problems. They are a major employer for the city and the Leeds office has over 600 people in it and they are all awesome. I do give debt advise as part of my job so I help people each and every day which is very uplifting. I do work nights and Saturday's those so my tweet might be at slightly strange times.

Of course getting to work involves public transport and I have to get a bus everyday to get me to and from work which takes me near or through Kirkstall, Bramley, Rodley and Caverley everyday.

I am a bit of a geek and enjoy videogames, comic books and strange films. What I adore though is anything to do with horror and especially zombies. In fact I will have attended the 6th Leeds Zombie Film Festival in April having attended the previous 5 so expect that to come up during my stint as well.

I have no specific plans with my week as Person of Leeds but I will try my best to make it as entertaining and engaging as possible.

I hope you all enjoy my ramblings and I look forward to talking to you all!

Sunday, 12 May 2013

Week 70: Mel

My name is Mel (male not female). I've lived and worked in leeds most of my life (although I was born in Cyprus). 

I started my working career at La-Tasca  in Leeds, then after many other jobs, I ended up working at The Leeds Dental Institute. In 2010, I started a diploma in adult nursing alt the Leeds General Infirmary, and qualify next year.. YIKES!!!!

On a personal level, I really enjoy going out in Leeds for drinks and food. I present my own radio show at the hospital radio (@cityspundlgi) in leeds. I have been working at real radio too.. I love running. My first race was the Leeds 10k back in 2011, where I came 12th out of 9,000. Since then, I have completed the leeds half marathon and the great north run (I came 764th out of 55,000 there). Just recently started learning karate!!

A weird 'quirky' thing about me... I'm petrified of frogs! - don't ask!!

Sunday, 5 May 2013

Week 69: Neil

Hello there.  I'm Neil and I actually don't live in Leeds as I'm currently traitorously living in East Ardsley, Wakefield.  I was born in Dewsbury but soon moved to Kippax where I lived until I was 25, when I moved to Rothwell.  The birth of my first child, Lily, 6 months ago meant us moving to a bigger house.  Lily tends just to sit around and doesn't seem to contribute anything useful to the household.  I'm in the process of trying to work out what good children are if they are not going to lend a hand to my daily life.  I suspect she's extremely lazy.

I'm a primary school teacher at a brilliant school in Belle Isle and have worked with children for most of my adult life as I'm a glutton for punishment.

Outside of work I run a theatre company called Bite Thumb Productions.  We perform regularly at The Carriageworks theatre and have managed to build a small but solid reputation for the last 9 years within Leeds.  We have managed to build a massive deity-like reputation within my own head.  Our next show Up 'n Under 2 will be on next week (17th & 18th).  I'll probably inform you as to how that's going in a thinly veiled attempts at self promotion.

I'll be tweeting about all kinds of nonsense from very subtle plugs for our show, to nauseatingly sweet pictures of my daughter and hopefully some words of wisdom from my pupils at school who feel they have much valuable wisdom to impart to you all.  It'll probably be something to do with Gangnam Style, that's all they seem to witter about from the beginning of the school day till hometime.

Most tweets will probably be misanthropic and self deprecating.  I'm extremely good at waffling in a manner that suggests I know what I'm talking about.

My personal Twitter account is actually my theatre companies so I limit tweet content to discussion/pappy guff about the arts.  It'll be interesting this week to tweet about all the other random drivel that pops into my head.  May I apologise sincerely to you all now.

Sunday, 28 April 2013

Week 68: Sharon

Hello, I’m Sharon, I have lived in East Leeds for 12 years and before that I lived and worked in London. 
I run my own training and coaching company helping people to be more productive and less stressed by their email inbox and to do list.

Away from work I love music, photography, eating out and the great scenery we have in Yorkshire.  I also have a demanding dog who will no doubt get a mention.  I am going to travel to new places in Leeds and hopefully entertain.  Let's hope for good weather.

Sunday, 21 April 2013

Week 67: Ali

My name is Ali and I live in Chapel Allerton with my boyfriend and imaginary dog (hoping this will become a reality one day!). I work in Halifax at Square Chapel Centre for the Arts in the development department. I love where I live and love where I work. Having spent 3 years as a student in Leeds I am now getting to know the 'real' city and am forever acting as a tourist in my own town, constantly on the lookout for new things to see and do. This I what I will focus on during my week as @PeopleofLeeds - finding out more about Leeds and its surroundings, enjoying local businesses and making the most of all things Yorkshire. 

Sunday, 14 April 2013

Week 66: Ali

Hi there, I’m Alessandra – or Ali (@Allllliiiii), as that’s less of a mouthful! I live in Oakwood, near the clock, with my lovely fella Robin and also lovely but very naughty kitten Bandit. I’m an adopted Person of Leeds – I was born in Florida, the Sunshine State!

I work at Umpf, a lovely PR and social media agency based on The Calls, and I flipping love my job :) I’m also pretty keen on music and gigs, comedy, cake, anything colourful or sparkly (magpie), travelling, tattoos and BIG hair. You’ll usually find me at some kind of gig in Leeds (punk and ska especially please), probably with a proper cider, gin and juice or a good cuppa tea. I’m going to tweet about what I get up to during the week, and hopefully we can help each other discover some awesome new things in the city! I promise I’ll try and entertain you for the week, and if all else fails then you can have some pictures of the kitten :)

Sunday, 7 April 2013

Week 65: Hayley

Hi, I'm Hayley Avron,

Firstly, I should state that I am not born and bred in Leeds, but I have been here about 11 years (gulp), having decided that the city has more to offer me than the polite, pantiled streets of Tunbridge Wells, where I grew up.

I play roller derby for Leeds Roller Dolls (@LeedsRollerDoll). It takes up approximately 97% of my waking life and I have quite a few dreams about roller derby, too - especially leading up to bout day. If you don't know much about roller derby, you soon will because I'll be tweeting in the week leading up to our first home bout of the season (against Stockholm), so I will have bout fever!

I spend another 2% of my life working (look, maths has never been a strong point and I'm prone to exaggeration). I'm a writer, I write mainly for music websites & magazines and I currently work from home. Before you ask, yes, I do get dressed every day. OK: MOST days.

Aside from roller derby, music is my biggest passion. I haven't played in a band for a little while but I've made the majority of my friends in Leeds through music, one way or another.
I live in Moortown, total suburbia. 

Mainly, I am hoping I don't get Twitter stage-fright... Tweeter's block. That would be terrible.

Sunday, 31 March 2013

Week 64: Josh

Howdy, my name is Josh and I'm originally from beautiful North Wales.

I went to Huddersfield Uni to study music technology and then moved over to Leeds after graduating. I currently live in Meanwood, it's not mean but it does have a wood.

After graduating with a  2:1 in music technology I obviously got a job making… coffee. I run a small independent espresso bar in Leeds city centre called Brewbar. I'm an aspiring musician, I speak welsh and I love dogs.

Sunday, 24 March 2013

Week 63: Peter

Hi everybody, my name is Peter Lane. I'm a husband, father and grandparent.
You can find me on twitter as @RevPLane and you will see me out and about in Seacroft where I am a church minister.
My job is very varied, with visits to schools, hospitals, homes and church.
It will be great fun bringing my unique insight into our beautiful city and the wonderful people that I spend each week with.
AND... It is my birthday on the Tuesday too :-) Good times!

Sunday, 17 March 2013

Week 62: Stuart

About me:

40 something, married with three daughters. Originally from Wakefield, lived in Leeds for 14 years after a few years in the south. Commuter cyclist to Leeds city centre on a daily basis.

Sunday, 10 March 2013

Week 61: Rebecca

I’m not from round here…I actually grew up down Sauf (bright lights, streets paved with gold etc). I moved up North back in 2006 to study film at University of Leeds and…have not ended up in the film industry at all. I actually work for the Council (family business), more specifically in the Markets Service doing marketing type things, yup marketing the markets.

When I’m not doing all manner of random work stuffs (including but not limited to organising zombies, reindeer, elves or miniature farms) I can usually be found pottering around Meanwood and eating. The other big love of my life after the boy (oh yeah him) is food. I spend most of my waking hours with it somewhere on my mind, so expect a lot of food snaps.

Likes electric blankets, Casualty, peanut butter/salty chocolate and serial killer books (extensive collection). Dislikes peppers, the little HSBC calculator thing and warm wine (but I’ll drink it anyway).

Anyway enough about me, how are you?

Sunday, 3 March 2013

Week 60: Ally

Greetings and salutations. I'm Ally (@AlisonNeale) and, well, I hesitate to say this but (deep breath), I'm from Essex. In my defence, I left at the earliest opportunity and I have lived since then in seven cities in five countries. I love learning foreign languages - hence the country hopping - and studied Spanish at university. I also speak a fair amount of French and Arabic. My passion for language and near-obsession with books and reading led me to a job in publishing, and by a roundabout route I ended up a self-employed copy editor, mostly of academic non-fiction.

I moved to Leeds in December 2010 with my then-partner, but of this I will say no more. Instead, I count my real Leeds life as dating from late July 2012, when I moved into a flat in the city centre. I live alone and work either from home or from the glorious Leeds Library on Commercial Street. I work long hours (to finance my book habit) but spend as much time as possible doing activities, events and cultural-type stuff... or just meeting people for coffee.

I plan to tell you what I love about Leeds and why I stayed here when I could have gone anywhere in the world.

Favourite film: Three Colours Blue.
Favourite book: Cold Comfort Farm, by Stella Gibbons.
Favourite food: cheese probably just trumps chocolate... but only just.

Week 59: Luke

Luke O'Brien, I am a graphic design student in my third year of university at Leeds College of Art, I also work part time at The HiFi club in town. I grew up in the UK and South Africa, and I had never come to Leeds until my interview for university and I immediately wanted to live here. I am a huge cycling enthusiast and music lover. In my spare time I run a music blog focusing on Leeds based music mainly but with a wide reach as well. Post graduation me and a classmate are going to set up a graphic design studio.
I wanted to do the People of Leeds because I followed it initially when I moved up here and it showed me a lot of things about Leeds and I want to share my experience thus far with others and hope they can gain the same.

Sunday, 17 February 2013

Week 58: Vicki

Hi, I'm Vicki. I'm 21 and I'm a fourth (and final) year student at Leeds Uni. I also work part time helping students find houses.

I have lived in Clarence Dock, Burley and now Woodhouse. I spend most of my time in Leeds around the city centre so I'm looking forward to exploring in my week as a person of Leeds :) I will sadly be leaving Leeds in May so I want to see as much as possible of this great city before I go.

In my spare time I go to gigs, the cinema, the gym.. All the usual things! Expect lots of tweets about coffee shops, cakes and cocktails.

Sunday, 10 February 2013

Week 57: Laura

Hi, I’m Laura. I’m 26 and proud to be Leeds born and bred!

I currently reside in Armley, on the voted most friendly street in Leeds, so I’m told by my awesome neighbours and originally from Garforth.

I’ve recently graduated with an art degree and I work at the Cuthbert Brodrick pub as a manager, whilst also running the art project Papergirl Leeds and collectively organising the upcoming Ladyfest Leeds – I like to keep myself busy!

In my ever-dwindling spare time I’m a bit of a film geek and like nothing more that chilling out with a home cooked meal and a movie (generally multi-tasking by doing some knitting/crochet at the same time). I also love checking out local gigs and exhibitions or just socialising with friends, drinking and eating :)

As my week as PoL I’ll be trying to have as many mini adventures as possible and checking out all the places I’ve not yet visited. One of my New Year’s resolutions was to not buy any new clothes; to either make my own or thrift garments, so I’ll be going on a charity shoppers expedition to seek out bargains near and far – suggestions are welcome! It's also the week before my birthday and I have the week off work so you'll be included in all the celebrations!

Sunday, 3 February 2013

Week 56: Jess

I live in Burley, work in Keighley and am a librarian at a local FE college. I also run the Travelling Suitcase Library. I won't tweet about work, because I'm not allowed, but will probably be tweeting about the various events I go to, beer and the best places to drink in Leeds, telly, and books!

Sunday, 27 January 2013

Week 55: Penny

I'm 36 years old, live in Headingley and teach Roman History at the University of Leeds. I moved to Leeds six years ago to take up my job at the University, and have really fallen for the city since. I love all the quirky and passionate things which go on here - the independent cinemas, arts scene, alternative scene, dances, cafes, restaurants, local activism and history events - and I love how Headingley manages to be a concentrated microcosm of the very best quirkiness and passion all by itself. I also feel like there's still a huge amount to discover here, and that's partly what I want to do in my week on the People of Leeds account - get to know 'my' Leeds better by tweeting about it, and hear about other people's Leedses (can that be a word?) as well.
My job means that the University is obviously very much at the centre of 'my' Leeds, so I'm hoping to provide a bit of an insight into my working life there. I won't talk about individual students, but I'll try to get across what University life is all about from the point of view of the staff. I'm also sure to have plenty to say about my academic subject, Roman history. You can expect me to report news stories about recent finds or research in my field, and talk about the similarities and differences between ancient and modern life. Out of work, I can be found out and about in Headingley, in town, or wherever interesting things are happening. Oh, and I have a camera on my phone, so can safely predict that there will be plenty of pictures of whatever I'm up to during my week as a Person of Leeds. :-)
Looking forward to meeting you all.

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Week 54: Lizzie

I live in the northernmost part of Leeds - Otley (some even try to say it’s not Leeds – pah say I!). However, I grew up from 16 to 26 living in Hyde Park. I work in Leeds, my business is Leeds based and I love going out in Leeds!
From Monday to Wednesday, I work for the Parent Partnership Service. I support families who have children with Special Educational Needs, providing impartial support, advice and information with issues around education. This is something of a passion of mine because I am a parent of a child with disabilities.

I had my daughter at 18 years old, living in a homeless hostel for women run by the Salvation army in Bramley. I looked at her and I knew that I wanted to do better for her. At 5 months old, she got meningitis and I was told that she was going to die. She was in a coma for about a month, but luckily she came through it. Luckier still, she has no brain damage or hearing loss. She has had to have her legs broken and re-set, knees stabilised and hips operated on repeatedly since she was four. She’s brave and amazing. I’m a very proud mum of a 13 year old girl.

I also have a little boy, Ash who is 4. Because of him, I can now identify about 20 species of dinosaur and have whole conversations in Piratese (Pirates and Farmers are pretty much interchangeable). He’s small, boundlessly bouncy and does the best grinch brows this side of the Pennines.

My partner is Pete. Patient Pete we should call him. He is one of the very few bona fide geniuses (genii?) I’ve ever met. He has so many degrees/masters they are coming out of his ears, one of which he completed in 14 weeks, which was an experiment by M.I.T./Harvard to see if very smart people learn faster. Turns out, they do. He’s halfway through his PHD in computer sciences.
He works shifts, these are very bad for your health. We wanted to do something which one day could replace his shift allowance...

So, we own We started it because there are so many brilliant places in Leeds, and we want to share them. Ok, yes, and we hope to make a few pence at the same time!

I have come to love doing more than I ever imagined. I love meeting new people, I love discovering awesome places and testing the food & drinks there. And, I love coming up with creative new ideas to help people and work in partnership with them!

I may rant, I hope I’ll make you laugh and I hope to introduce you to new things – I expect you to do the same! Challenge me – I love a good debate!

Sunday, 13 January 2013

Week 53: Kirsty

Hello! I'm Kirsty, but if you're a regular follower of the account you'll know me better as ADMIN.

I'm the person who set up peopleofleeds, and this week we celebrate our FIRST BIRTHDAY! So il taking over the account as I was the first person to curate it. I'll be showing off some gems of Leeds, some of my favourite places, and some special peopleofleeds celebrations.

When I'm not adminning PoL, you can find me running events across the city, working for the council and drinking coffee.

Sunday, 6 January 2013

Week 52: Isobel

Hi, I'm Isobel. I was born and bred in West Yorkshire and moved to the city of Leeds itself in 2011. I’m a 26 year old lover of Leeds and all it offers, who loves baking, reading, knitting, blogging, travelling, dancing, theatre-going and gallery attending. My mission is to keep banging on about how awesome Leeds is until people believe it, then make the most of it! In my spare time I do a bit of waitressing to pay those pesky bills.

I'm looking forward to tweeting, but feeling nervous thanks to all the fabulous people who have gone before! I imagine I'll tweet about Leeds events, interesting articles, books, feminism and my favourite places to go for a drink and some cake, because basically I think they are the most important things.