Sunday, 25 August 2013

Week 85: Esti

Hola all!! I’m Esti from Barcelona! (@leedsbeermaz) Decided to come and live in Leeds 17 years ago to study, dropped out of uni, got a job in the legendary Underground… and never looked back! After graduating in Art and Design working in bars and finally organising the Leeds International Beer Festival seemed like the natural thing to do. Some random and tiny facts things about me: I’ve lived in America, Spain & Germany. I studied Economics at Uni, I love polaroids, (Beer & Music) Festivals, sleeper trains and marmite. Pets have included a dog called Mus and my tapeworm Tom. So expect random Tweets from me….maybe not in Spanish, it’s been so long I seem to have forgotten some of it!

Sunday, 18 August 2013

Week 84: James

I'm James and I've lived in Leeds for the 28 years of my life. I've moved around a fair bit, living in Headingley, Chapeltown, Chapel Allerton, Miles Hill, Scott Hall, Primley Park, City Center and now Meanwood. North Leeds for the win! There's no city I'd rather be, all of my favourite places are in Leeds. Does Ilkley count? Outside work I do ordinary things like binging on TV box sets or playing games. I also muck about musically and with soldering irons. At work I'm a software developer which is something I like to do for pleasure as well. One of my favourite pastimes is camping, I once camped every month for 14 months on the trot! My wife and I rent a small allotment and this year we're trying to grow some rare vegetables including Romanesco and "Dragon Purple" Carrots (old school).

Sunday, 11 August 2013

Weel 83: Kirsty

I am a mum with two young children who lives in Ilkley. I’ve just moved back to Yorkshire from London and I’m loving the fact people now know what a buffet is and no one moans when I say dinner instead of lunch. I write a blog about the funny side of family life at I’d love any tips for family stuff to do in and around Leeds as the last time I lived here I was a student and spent most of my time drinking 10p pints at Ricky’s. Not sure what I’ll be up to during the week but it will definitely involve being hit in the face by a plastic dinosaur.

Sunday, 4 August 2013

Week 82: Carley

Hi y'all, I'm Carley! I'm 25 years old, I'm a Masters student at Leeds University (MA Social & Cultural History), and as of September I'll be training to be a History teacher. I live with my husband in lovely Morley where we've been living the suburban dream for just over a year. I was born in Derby and grew up in a former mining town in Nottinghamshire (I'm possibly related to a bunch of C19th Sheriffs of Nottingham and some lace-makers, hello stereotypes). I've lived in Leeds for almost 6 years and spent all of that time either at university or working at Leeds Met SU. I'm currently writing my MA thesis so hobbies are a little sparse right now! But you can expect tweets about the history of Leeds, pubs, food, and pictures of some of my favourite bits of Morley. I hope I can share some interesting fact nuggets with you and learn a little more about south Leeds.

Week 81: Laura

I'm Laura of Leeds. I am very recently married (21st June), living in Moortown with my new hubby and our two dogs. In fact, it's fantastic that I will have all of you to distract me from my post-wedding blues! And I apologise in advance for any photos showing off my honeymoon tan. I'm 28 years old, which I think is a strange in-between age where half of your friends have children and the other half are hanging onto their early 20s! As a result I think my week of tweets will be about my adventures and struggles being in the middle of the two halves - seeing friends and their families in their homes and family-friendly pubs or rock-climbing, snowboarding, and barbecuing with the others. No doubt there will be some trips to work too at Leeds University and a lot of dog walks in various Leeds parks. Here's a quick low-down: I love cooking without recipes, sewing without a pattern, walks without a map, and dogs (obviously). And I hate Leeds' public transport (because inevitably I would need a map), watches (because then I would need to be on time) and weighing scales (because not only does this require a recipe but also when I stand on them it never shows me what I want to see). And yet, I am very reliable!