Sunday, 22 September 2013

Week 89: Lynne

Hello. I live in a area just off York road, I am interested in promoting this Area as a lot of money has been spent making it a safe and green Area to walk and Bike. Also the wildlife would be a factor. I would also like to take a broad look at Leeds and find interesting things to do. I am retired so lots of time on my hands.

Sunday, 15 September 2013

Week 88: Katie

I am displaced Londoner who lives in Armley and works at the University of Leeds, where I teach and write about theatre. I write the blog ‘Reasons to be Single’ ( and contribute regularly to The Culture Vulture ( I expect my week will be a whirlwind of writing, cooking and eating (I’ll even tweet the recipes) and complaining about the noises my neighbours make at 6am.

Sunday, 8 September 2013

Week 87: Sara

Healthy eating fitness fanatic, I love running, jumping, skipping and playing out on my bike. By day I'm a project officer for Leeds city council, working to make Leeds an amazing UNICEF child friendly city.... By night, as long as I'm exercising then I'm happy. Love Fridays, hate Mondays!   

Week 86: David

I'm David (@Daviddotzip) from Vancouver, BC, Canada. Just turned 30 and I'm visiting Leeds and England for the first time. Through @PeopleOfLeeds and #RoCur accounts I've made friends around the world and I'm on a trip to meet them. 

I'm a nerd and my interests are many. I love music, movies, TV, books, video games, food, tea, motorcycles, art, culture, and just talking to people. I believe in life long learning and kindness are the key to happiness.